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Welcome to IVF Solution Czech Republic, Czech IVF agent facilitating fertility treatment needs for patients coming to Ostrava, Czech Republic. Our coordinators can guide and assist our clients throughout the whole process of the treatment. We will maintain steady communication with your doctor and arrange all matters related to your stay in Ostrava such as pick up service, accommodation, assistance during medical appointments and during your entire stay in Ostrava.

The clinic we cooperate with was carefully inspected, it is one of the best clinics in the Czech Republic. It provides all methods of assisted reproduction (both non donor and donor treatment including ICSI, AH, PISCI, blastocyst cultivation, cytoplasmic transfer etc). There is no waiting list for the treatment and egg donation, we can find a donor for you within a month.

IVF Solution Czech Republic is committed to providing top class medical guidance for people who seek high quality treatment at affordable price.

Why to come to Ostrava?

Medical tourism is flourishing in the Czech Republic. The reasons range from affordable prices, excellent level of health service with high hygienic requirements to favourable setting in the middle of Europe. Prices of infertility treatments vary throughout the Czech Republic. Generally there are the highest prices in the capital of Prague, smaller cities like Ostrava can offer competitive prices while maintaining high standard. The location of Ostrava is convenient too, the city is easily accessible by plane, train or by car.

Czech doctors attend university for a minimum of six years and practical training is crucial during the whole university course. During their first two years after university they are supervised by attested specialists and they prepare for attestation. Special trainings and attestations are required throughout their entire career to ensure high expertise.

The clinic we cooperate with works with internationally renowned team of specialists, uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology and practices the same methods as reputable hospitals abroad. The team of the clinic has been very successful on a global scale, it developed UTHL- ultrasonographically guided transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy, a unique method used for examination of female reproductive organs. You can find all details about the clinic in the Clinic section.

If you are looking for high standard fertility treatment at affordable price in safe, culturally similar environment, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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